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Vaccinations- Dog, Cat & Rabbit

Most vaccinations are available on a Pet Health Plan

Primary vaccines are an important part of the health care of your pet and consist of two injections at 2-3 weeks apart.


Puppy vaccinations are recommended to start at eight weeks of age and have the second vaccination two weeks later. Your puppy will be protected one week after their second injection. Annual boosters are then required to maintain your pets immunity. The vaccinations will protect your canine companion from:

  • Distemper-  A highly contagious and often fatal disease.  It is spread through secretions from the nose, eyes and mouth of infected dogs.  It can attack many organs including the nervous system which may be permenantly damaged IF the dog recovers.
  • Parvovirus- Is spread by infected faeces and is very contagious.  It is potentially fatal, and is more severe in juvenile/geriatric animals.
  • canine Hepatitis-  Is ransmitted via secretions such as saliva, urine, faeces etc.  Symptons are similar to the early stages of distemper.  It can cause liver failure, damage to eyes and breathing problems.
  • and Leptospirosis-  is ZOONOTIC (a disease which is capable of being tranmitted to humans).  Infected animals can suffer kidney or liver damage, which may prove fatal, but at best will need a long period of treatment if they are to recover.    

Vaccination remains the best protection!

After primary vaccines, your dog will recieve full vaccinations every three years and part vaccinations inbetween. The reason for this, is that the protection against distemper, parvovirus and canine hepatitis all last for three years but leptospirosis and parainfluenza only last one.
Kennel cough vaccines are also available and recommended. Kennel cough is a vague term that is often used to cover anything that causes coughing in dogs. It can be caused by many different things, so contains many different strains, which will provide protection from the most serious causes. It is a different type of vaccine which is administered up their nose (as oppose to an injection).


Kitten can be vaccinated from 9 weeks of age and have a second vaccine 3 weeks later. The standard vaccine (Flu/Ent/Leuk) that we offer protects your cat against two types of viruses that can cause:

  • cat flu- calicivirus and herpes virus type 1
  • panleukopenia- a serious condition affecting the gastro-intestinal tract and immune system.
  • and also feline leukaemia virus- This is a serious and fatal disease, which we are unable to treat, so the vaccination is the only way to protect them.  It is possible for your cat to have a vaccination that does not include feline leukaemia if you prefer.  If your cat has not previously  had the feline leukaemia vaccine and you would like them to have it, they will require two vaccines three weeks apart to start the course.

Vaccination remains the best protection!


Rabbits can be vaccinated from 5 weeks of age with a combined vaccine for Myxomatosis and RHD.  After initial vaccines, annual boosters are required.

  • Myxomatosis- is a fatal viral disease of both domestic and wild rabbits.  It can be spread by blood sucking insects e.g. fleas and direct contact with infected rabbits.
  • RHD (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease also known as VHD)- is also viral and is spread by direct contact or through blood sucking insects.  Therefore treating your rabbit regularly with a veterinary approved flea treatment is very important. The onset RHD is often very acute and can rapidly and unfortunately result in the death of your rabbit before they even display any clinical signs.  Because both these viral infections have fatal results, we emphasise the need of prevention through vaccination.


Vaccination remains the best protection!

It is important that your pet comes back in for their annual booster vaccination, otherwise they may be vulnerable to these diseases. If your pet is late for their booster, they may be required to start the course from scratch.

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